Lesson 3-6: Eating Out

Ex. 1. Check your understanding: matching
Match the people with the best restaurant for them. Write the restaurant names below.
Your Local Caff The Lemon Tree Fast Best
The Chocolate Box Last Days of the Raj A Taste of Tuscany


1. My girlfriend and I are vegetarian. Could you recommend a suitable restaurant for us?


Tom, aged 18 Restaurant: ____________________
2. My friend has a sweet tooth and I want to take her somewhere special this weekend.


Lucy, aged 16 Restaurant: ____________________
3. My mates and I all love spicy food. Can you recommend somewhere good for us to go tonight?


Dino, aged 21 Restaurant: ____________________
4. I only get 30 minutes off for lunch and I’m in a hurry. Where can I get something quick to eat?


Melissa, aged 27 Restaurant: ____________________
5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in my opinion. Doyouknowanywherethatserves a goodbrekkie?


Micky, aged 38 Restaurant: ____________________
6. We love Italian food, especially pasta. Everyone loves Italian, don’t they? AnygoodItaliansnearhere? Momo, aged 22 Restaurant: ____________________


Ex. 2.  Eating in restaurants. Read and learn.

In Britain you often have three courses: a starter (e.g. soup), a main course (e.g. steak or chicken), and a dessert (e.g. strawberries or ice cream).

You may also have an aperitif (= a drink before the meal, e.g. gin and tonic), and coffee after the meal. When you pay the bill (= the money for the meal), you sometimes also leave a tip (= money) for the waiter if service is not included in the price. (10% is a normal tip.) If it is a popular restaurant, you may also need to book (= reserve) a table in advance (= before you go).



Ex. 3. Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below:

Where can people have their meals?

table d’hôte     catering      cuisine       lunch out       share       culinary

There is no substitute for a delicious, nutritious home-cooked meal, and, prepared in the Ukrainian way, even simple dishes become …………. creations.


The majority of people prefer to have their meals at home. But on weekdays, when at work, people have to …………. . They have a wide choice of places to eat: cafes, cafeterias, canteens, snack bars, restaurants. At restaurants people can have …………… (a fixed menu of three courses) lunches or à la carte. The last alternatives are more expensive.


A network of cafes is being extended for public …………. . There you can find everything from leisurely family meals to elaborate dishes. You can enjoy a particular national ………… – Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldovan etc. Ukrainian cuisine is easily reproduced outside the country – Ukrainians are the people who love to ………. their food and their recipes.


Read a sample paragraph: My Favourite Restaurant


My favourite restaurant is the Scherezade. It’s on the corner of my street and my wife and I go there at least once a week. The service is excellent, the staff are courteous and always attentive, the decor is understated and, most importantly, the food is divine. We usually have a sea food dish as a starter. The ceviche is a speciality of the house. There are normally three or four main courses to choose from, helpings are generous and the food is always lovingly presented. What I like most about Scherezade are their mouth watering desserts which, because we are regulars, are often on the house.

Ex.4. Now Use the words below to fill in gaps:

Favorite / table cloth / go / few / corners / delicious / order / restaurant / pleasant / but / quick / lovely

I like to eat out and I go to a (1)_______________________ for dinner twice a week. I usually (2)___________ with my husband, Bill. Our (3)_________ restaurant is an Indian restaurant in Cleveland Street in Surry Hills. It is not very big (4)____________ __ it is always busy. There are only a (5)_________________ tables in the restaurant and there
is a white (6)_____________________ on each table. There is also a vase with (7)_________________ flowers on each table. There are plants in the (8)____________________. We usually (9)____________________ hot curries and eat them with rice. The food is (10)__________________ so we enjoy it very much. The service is (11)____________________ and friendly. Bill and I always have a (12)___________________ evening at our favorite restaurant.

Go over the above passages and divide the above texts into sections:



Describe your favourite restaurant, using words and expressions from this unit and a plan from Ex.4.


Types of restaurants:

  • a-la-carte: entrée/main
  • course/dessert
  • buffet
  • take-away
  • fast food
  • sandwich shop
  • café
  • diner


Entrée / starter

These are small portions of food, usually as a start to the meal while you are waiting for the bigger or main meal.

Main course

The larger, main dish that is the focus of the meal.


Is usually a sw eet dish to eat after your meal, sometimes with coffee, tea or sweet alcohol (liqueur).


Ordering food in a restaurant

Below are phrases you can use when ordering food in a restaurant.



May I take your order? What do you recommend?
What would you like? What is the speciality today?
What do you want? What exactly is that?
I suggest… To start… / as a starter…
I recommend… How much is that?
Would you like…with that? What’s the soup of the day?
It’s a local dish. To follow… / as a main course…
It’s very spicy. I’ll have… / I’d like…
It’s made of… For dessert…
How is everything here? That’s not what I ordered.
May I take your plate? Can you change it?
Would you like coffee or dessert? May I have the check, please?


Ex. 5. Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence.

  1. Waiter, could you bring me my account / bill / addition please?
  2. It’s a very popular restaurant – we should apply for / book / keep a table.
  3. If you’re hungry, why not ask for a large dish / plate / portion?
  4. Please help / serve / wait yourself to salads from the salad bar.
  5. Waiter, can I see the catalogue / directory / menu, please?
  6. This fish is not what I called / commanded / ordered.
  7. This dish / plate / serving is a speciality of our restaurant.
  8. Have you tried the crude / raw / undercooked fish at the new Japanese restaurant?
  9. Paul never eats meat, he’s a vegetable / vegetarian / vegetation.
  10. Have you decided what to have for your main course / food / helping?
  11. Can you give me the prescription / instructions / recipe for this pie? It’s delicious.
  12. Waiter, I can’t eat this meat. It’s under- done / developed / nourished.
  13. Is the hamburger for you to eat here or to go out / take away / carry on?
  14. That was fantastic! Could I have a second course / service / helping, please?


Ex.6. Read the menu below and decide which option (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.                    “Hors d’oeuvres and Salad”

Iced Melon

1)……………………..salad with vinaigrette dressing 2)……………………..rolls and butter

Main 3)……………………..of Your Choice

Chicken Ugarteche

4)………………….pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce served on a 5)……………………..of basmati rice and 6)…………………….. with mangetout and baby sweetcorn


Steak Sennett

tender strips of sirloin steak in a rich mustard sauce 7)…. by fresh vegetables in 8)…

Dessert of Your Choice

Strawberry Surrender

a mouth-9)……………………..mousse 10)……………………..in cream and served with 11)……………………..of 12)……………………..hot strawberry sauce

or American Pie

Home-made apple pie, served hot and 13)……………………..with vanilla ice cream

Freshly 14)………….. coffee from the highlands of Colombia


1 A Combined B Mixed C Blended D Mingled
2 A Crackly B Crusty C Chewy D Brittle
3 A Food B Plate C Course D Menu
4 A succulent B stringy C suppurating D stodgy
5 A mattress B base C bed D foundation
6 A joined B added C elaborated D garnished
7 A decorated B accompanied C adorned D combined
8 A station B harvest C season D stock
9 A watering B licking C tempting D provoking
10 A teeming B loaded C smothered D swarming
11 A floods B lashings C rivers D flowings
12 A piping B baking C boiling D red
13 A mounted B seasoned C topped D capped
14 A crushed B ground C grated D pulverised


Ex.7. Ten words in the menu are either incorrect or inappropriate. Underline them and replace them with a word that is more appropriate.




First Plate


Traditional French onion soup, served with a chewy roll and rancid butter


Main Course


Either: Steak a la Jansen

Stringy pieces of steak served on a cushion of spinach and accompanied by vegetables in station


or: Fish and Chips

Fillets of plaice and French fries with flushings of red-hot parsley sauce



Choose from a selection of our eye-watering pies and puddings


SAMPLE (зразок):


Task: Describe your favourite Restaurant

You should say:
where it is
what it looks like inside and outside
what kinds of foods they serve
and explain what makes this restaurant so special to you and others.

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to talk about my favourite restaurant. The name of my favourite restaurant is (say the name of the restaurant you are going to talk about) and it’s situated in the centre place of the city I am currently living in. Not only I like the spacious, serene environment, tasty menus that the restaurant serves, but I have lots of memories related to this restaurant. I remember that my parents celebrated some of my birthday parties there, our college friends arranged the get-together parties, one of my cousins’ marriage ceremony was celebrated there and similarly I attended lots of other parties at this very restaurant.

The restaurant has 3 floors and the sitting arrangement is quite nice. Paintings of famous artists have been hanging on the walls and the place is quite neat and clean. The interior decoration is charming and gorgeous feeling. The ground floor is spacious and can accommodate more than 50 cars’ parking. The front view of the restaurant is different as the place gives the impression of an urban garden.

The restaurant offers several dishes including exotic desserts, ice-creams and also offers a separate place for the kids to play and have fun. The prices are reasonable and the foods are served quickly as opposed to some other restaurants where you will have to wait for a long for your foods to appear on your table. The waiters and other staffs are friendly and welcoming. The restaurant offers Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Pakistani and local menus that give you a wide range of options to pick from. The soft background music and instrumentals make the environment more enjoyable and soothing. The tables are not congested and people can chat over their personal topics without interruption. The long glass made windows offer the city view which makes the place worth visiting besides the delicious foods. The place must be a good place to be as I often found the foreign tourists visiting the restaurant. The authority lets the customers provide their feedbacks and comments on foods and the place and as I have noticed they take prompt action on a customer complaint.

In short, this is a really nice restaurant to go and enjoy the delicious meals.




  1. Zhenia Verbytskyi:
    I really proud to tell about my favourite restaurant . I’ ll tell right away – this is Mc Donald’s ! It’s really good place. I like eating in Mc near Metro Station “Darnytsia “. This building has two floors. There are a lot of comfortable armchairs and sofas on every floor. Atmospheric , spacious and well-lit. There is a big menu in this restaurant. For example hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fried potato, fish burger, some coffee, tea, juicies on every taste. But very big minus of this restaurant is very expensive prices. We know that Mc Donald’s considers itself as fast food place. But why fast food so expensive? I’m really dissapointed, though I happen to be there very seldom.
    I hope that prices changes) if it will happen, I will go to this place more often) Thanks for reading my text ! Have a nice day!

  2. Enjoyable visit to the cafe
    I was once invited to a café to celebrate my friend’s birthday. When she invited me, I was very excited because I thought it would be a good chance to meet new people and to have some fun. Which is more, I decided to wear a new dress which I had just bought.
    When I arrived at the café I saw some people who I already knew but there were a few boys who I had never met before. My friend introduced them to me and said that they were new groupmates. The party began with a meal and I found lots of dishes very tasty. One of the newly introduced boys asked if I wanted a glass of orange juice and I said yes because I was feeling thirsty. When he was pouring the drink, somebody accidently pushed him from behind and, of course, he spilt the juice on me. My new dress was ruined but I didn’t mind that at all because the atmosphere at the party was so friendly and enjoyable. That guy said sorry and invited me to dance. We spent the whole evening chatting about this and that.
    In the end, I would like to say that was a lovely visit to a café. Despite the ruined dress I liked the visit to the café because I had a great time there and met a boy who became a good friend to me.

  3. All of us have some special memories related to visit to the cafe.
    It can be because of a lovely atmosphere, kind and caring waiters, delicious food or all these together.
    As for me, my enjoyable visit to the cafe was one year ago in Lviv.
    The weather was awful, cold and wet. Me and my friends were walking in the center of the city. We almost froze to death cause all of us were not dressed well. By the way, all cafes were full of people, without any vacant seats.
    Fortunately, after one hour searching we entered a very nice cafe “Lvivskya maysternya shokoladu” ,sat down at the table on the highest fourth floor near the panorama window.
    However, coffees,teas,cakes,pancakes which we ordered were very delicious.
    After eating we decorated the clothes and painted our faces, because it was Halloween!
    In conclusion I want to say that enjoy every moment spending with your friends especially if you go somewhere take pictures to keep your memory green.

  4. My favorite restaurant is the “Vesely Penky” which is located in Lviv. For a fun name, I and my family decided that there should be a cheerful, positive atmosphere in this establishment. And we did not make a mistake. The interior of the restaurant is simply amazing, in the Ukrainian style. The staff of the establishment is friendlly, hospitable and experienced. The restaurant has a varied menu: it’s different types of fish, meat, snacks, salads and unusual desserts, drinks. The restaurant has live music. The atmosphere is just a cool. There is separate room, where you can even dance and make fun of what we did. Our trip to the restaurant ‘Vesely Penky’ was simply unforgettable. It was tasty and fun. We sang, danced, got acquainted with other people. I and my family were very happy to visit this wonderful and fun restaurant. The name itself says for itself.

  5. That summer day was something I will never forget. However, everything started a bit earlier, in that morning. It was good, sunny day. I come to Kyiv to my girlfriend we have a really good time walking down the Podol, our favorite part of the city. After a few hours of walks we get tired and wanted to eat something. So, we decided to visit first restaurant, we will find. The name of that restaurant was “Kanapka”, it was located on the Andriyivskyy Descent.
    The restaurant has a nice classic interior and a cozy terrace with wicker furniture and a stunning view of the Andreev Church. The soft background music and instrumentals make the environment more enjoyable and soothing. The restaurant offers delicious European cuisine and a bit more in my opinion an important wonderful wine. We were fascinated by the level of service and delicious wine, so we stayed there until late in the evening. Prices are not low, but the match itself.
    So, that that day I realized, that now I have my favorite restaurant.

  6. It was sunny summer day and I with my friend had a nice walk through the streets of Odessa. We did not know where to go further, but we suddenly saw an unusual building. So we we decided to go there because it was blue building with panoramic windows.
    It was a very cosy place with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. In front of the entrance we saw summer terrace where were a lot of aquariums. Quiet music is played in the background. There were about twenty tables in the hall. There were four chairs to every table. A menu book lay on each table. We chose the table near the window from which the whole city was visible. We ordered fried squid and California Roll made with King Crab meat. Waiters brought our order on the trays in the form of a thin aquarium with backlighting. We have never seen such a thing before and it was really unforgettable.Waiters have served foods very quickly and the food was so delicious.
    This was the most enjoyable visit to the restaurant because the unplanned event presented a lot of positsve emotions and tasty dishes.

  7. Enjoyable visit to the café
    I want to tell you about my visiting to the café that turned into my best visiting to the café ever. I was sad for several days because of last events that connected with my not good marks at the university. My friends John and Tom offered me to go to café. First I didn`t want to go with them because I was so tired. But then they convinced me and I decided to go with them. When I came to the café I wasn`t primarily expressed. It was usual building that didn`t distinguish among others. But it was great feeling when I came inside. There was impressive atmosphere. Service was such great too. I can`t tell you with words how there was cool. We were there for a long time and my mood really has improved. When we went out I felt so happy. This café became my favorite place to relax. I come to here when I want to forget about problems or just have a good time.

  8. I would like to tell you about my seventeenth birthay and how I celebrated that day.
    It was summer, a week before my birthday my mom give me the money to book a table in advance in a local restaurant ” Aleksandra”, that situated in the center of our sity, also it is near the park and not far from our house. The week passed very quickly and finally I waited that day. I came to the restaurant and I saw a delicately decorated table, the dishes were delicious smelling and appetizing.The waiters and other staffs were friendly and welcoming. the holiday was very well organized.But I was surprised by the fact that guests had to come but have not yet arrived. I
    was nervous, because nobody else answered my calls. So, in order not to waste my time I decided to go to the supermarket and buy champagne, fruit and candies. When I got back, the guests have not come yet. I sat down at the table and suddenly someone starts singing Happy Birthday and I saw my friend. They hid behind a bar with flowers,gifts and ballons. They wanted to surprise me and they succeded.
    After that we all sat down and enjoyed delicious dishes, live music and a good atmosphere of the restaurant, all were delighted with it.
    It was unforgerttable!

  9. To begin with, it was in this sumer.I with my father went to a small restourant in my birthtown.The restaurant is named Lebid because there is a very big picture of a swan next to the entrance.Decorations inside were actually plain so there was not something to figure out.The speciality of the restaurant is Ukrainian cuisine so you can order varenyky, borshch ,nalisnyky,holudtsi for reasonable price there.The service is not the best side of the restaurant and ironically this is what made our visit enjoyable.
    So after i had choosen the place we sat, we ordered a large chicken dish to celedrate something i do not remember clearly now.But after waiting we got a strange beef dish sprinkled with pepper and poured with some souce.By the way, it looked great but it still was we had not ordered.As big disorder like this was able to make a noise so we got our origin order for free. This made our day.Then we ate the chicken.It was divine i must say. After eating without hurry I and my father went to home. So at the end of the day we were sharing our story of beautiful visit there.

  10. I want to tell you about my favorite restaurant . Firstly, I tell you why I like restaurants. In restaurants you can eat without cooking, you pay money and get tasty dishes, but you pay money not only for dishes. You pay for atmosphere and service. In restaurants you can not only eat, you can come with friends and drink tea or coffee.
    And now I still tell you about my favorite restaurant. I with my friends like have rest in Evrasia because we like sushi, high quolity of service and of corse delicious dishes. In Evrasia are good music and very pleasant atmosphere.Evrasia is a restoraunt chain, but our favorite is in a Podol. It has one floor with many tables, but very often all tables are reserved, especially in evening. Interior decorations are charming. Except sushi in menu are different salats, rice with various ingridients, noodles and sashimi.
    In short, this is realy nice place for rest.

  11. Today I’d like to tell you about my favorite restaurant. The atmosphere, food, service and many other things are special for me. The name of the restaurant is “Milk Bar”. So much time I spend here with my friends and family, we like to celebrate here birthdays, parties and just spend time.
    The restaurant is situated in the center of Kyiv. An unusually simple, without pathos bar, which, at the same time, is incredibly warm and cozy, attracts crowds of visitors. The design is a little bit strange, but I like it, at first sight , incompatible things are combined: concrete, iron, glass, wood, empty bottles on the walls, high ceilings, concrete walls, vintage sofas in black leather, and, of course, many flowers and sweet things. The restaurant has three zones: the main hall, a small room for a large company and, of course, a bar. The front is unusual and bright. It looks like a shop of 60th.
    Judging by the name you might think that the menu is limited only to sweets. However, this is not so, because there is a full delicious menu from the famous chef Isaac Correa. At what, in this institution you can feast on the style of a new American cuisine, which is full of unexpected connections and compositions. In the main menu there are six types of sandwiches, among which are hot – melts with roast beef, tuna, bacon, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, cheddar, goat and blue cheese. You can try a variety of snacks, salads and soups (which are served with a vegetable muffin). But, on a number, with this unique American cuisine, the main feature of the institution are desserts. The bar list is not less diverse: here there are lemonades, and smoothies, and teas, as well as seven author’s alcoholic cocktails. Moreover, milk with different filling is served here: strawberry, lavender, banana, vanilla, white chocolate, rosemary. Milk lovers can taste it in three different conditions: cold, hot and whipped. As a result, 18 amazing milk drinks can be tasted in classic glass jars. The service is one of the best in the city, kind waiters and fast service.
    All in all, I must say, this restaurant is best for me and I recommend it for each one. The atmosphere, service and food makes “Milk Bar” one of the best once.

  12. Enjoyable visit to the cafe

    My enjoyable visit to the cafe was held four years ago. I and my dad traveled to Kyiv and decided to go somewhere to eat. The choice stopped on Puzata Hata. It was a fast food establishment. The interior was decorated in the Ukrainian style. The food itself was very tasty, and the staff was polite and well served us. The cafe was quiet and reigning atmosphere. The furniture was comfortable, despite the fact that it was made of wood. We quickly ate, paid and went out. This visit left an incredible impression and will forever remain in my memory.

  13. I went to a restaurant yesterday. The restaurant is very popular in my city. It is Ukrainian cuisine.I ordered Ukrainian borshch because it is my favorite dish. When waiter gave me my borshch it smelled very delicious and tasty. When I started eating it I saw a cockroach in my dish. I became very angry but the waiter suggested another dish of their chef for me. I was thinking and agreed with his offer. In few minutes, he gave me flavored tasty varenyky with potato. I didn’t want to eat it but it smelled very nice and I decided to taste that varenyky. It was very delicious without any insects. I was very disappointed because I really liked this restaurant and I will never go to this restorant again.

  14. An enjoyable visit to the cafe – Narration
    One day my friends and I went to the café. It was my friend’s birthday. Her name is Kate. She invited us to an unusual café. It is located outside the city. It is built in the style of a fisherman’s hut. The uniqueness of the café lies in the fact that you are welcomed to catch your dinner yourself in the lake by the café. We all ordered a vegetable salad, as a starter. As a main course, we were offered to catch the fish ourselves and then it had to be fried or baked by chef according to our wishes. And we decided to do so. We were given fishing net. Then we went to the lake and decided that Andrew would go fishing, because he knew, how to do it. But there was an event that turn this story into unforgettable one. Andrew accidentally fell into the lake. The worst thing is that he didn’t know how to swim. But fortunately the guard helped him get out of the lake. In this café there is a very good staff. They brought a warm blanket for Andrew and helped to dry his clothes. After that we ordered same dishes and continued the celebration. To sum up, I should say that we had a very pleasant evening that day.

  15. ILLYA BAKUMENKO ( робота перевірена в райтінг центрі)
    One day me and my mother decided to go to the cafe few years ago. It was located in the center of Kiev and the name of the cafe was ” Yaroslavna”. There are some reasones why this visit was enjoyable.
    First of all, the place was located in a very old district of the city. In the same street were old castles which gave this cafe a special touch right after entering.
    Secondly, the cafe proposed delicious cakes with different filling and various fruit biscuits. I probably ate too many cakes with meat.
    Also, the old and expensive paintings hanged on the cafe`s walls. The castles and paintings made atmosphete magical and amazing.
    So, we spent a wonderful time in “Yaroslavna” and I was impressed by the enjoyable food and surrounding architecture.

  16. As a child, I was not fond of eating out. My family would eat at a restaurant, diner, or buffet at least once a week, often more than once. Every time we went anywhere, but for a little place called Rivenee’s, it was a challenge for my parents to find proper food and a nice atmosphere. Rivenee’s was that lucky exception—I loved the place and this made my parents love it too. The restaurant seemed magical and fascinating to me when I was an elementary school kid, and surprisingly, the place still fascinates me today. Recently, when I visited my old family house, I was astonished and pleased to find out the place still operated and, in fact, was still run by the same family. Apart from the house in which I grew up, Rivenee’s is probably the dearest place to me in the small town, just outside of Boryspil, where I was born and raised.

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